Best Kailua Restaurants – The Insider Kailua Restaurant Guide

Kailua is very popular tourist destination.  There are so many restaurants that are recommended in tourist guides, online, and from travelers who have been there before.  However there is also a world of culinary delights that is completely unknown to the mass majority of the people who are visiting the island.  Here are some of those amazing options and best Kailua restaurants that one should be sure to try if they are traveling to the area.

kailua restaurants food delights
kailua restaurants food delights

Many travelers prefer to find dining options that not everyone else is visiting.  Some prefer to eat at all of the local places where they can try things that they might not have tried before.

Tips to Find the Best Local Restaurants in Kailua

You need to listen to the natives.  People who live in the area are always going to know where to go to get the best food.  This can include knowing which restaurants offer the best priced choices, are not over populated with tourists, and have the most delicious foods.  Locals are always going to the places with the best values so it is important to ask around and find out what information and recommendations are available from those who live there.

Grab a copy of the local newspaper.  When visiting the city make sure to pick up one of the newspapers.  This can show off some of the restaurants that are in the area as well as some of the ones that might be new to the area.

Spend some time digging online.  When one is first looking at restaurants in a city online they are going to find all of the choices for the chains and the popular places to eat.

Look at the city guides and online websites that feature city guides.  Looking at city guides might not be the best way to find a local restaurant. However if it is the only option then it can come in handy for helping one to find out where they should be going.

9 Favorite Restaurants of the Locals in Kailua

**Cinnamon’s Restaurant (315 Uluniu St)
Cinnamon’s Restaurant has been one of the local favorites for nearly 20 years.  The restaurant features a lot of traditional dishes that the locals love.  Travelers will be able to sample some of the foods that they might not get if they do not live on the islands.

Cinnamon's Restaurant Kailua
Cinnamon’s Restaurant Kailua

**Crepes  No Ka ‘Oi (143 Hekili St #130)
Chris and Rosario Tarvyd are the owners of Crepes No Ka ‘Oi. The restaurant was Chris’ dream to bring his favorite part of childhood summers spent in French  Polynesia to life.  He loved the food trucks where he could buy the freshest crepes and vowed to one day take those home with him.  The menu is full of an expansive collection of sweet and savory crepes that are sure to please anyone, even the pickiest eaters.

Crepes No Ka Oi
Crepes No Ka Oi

**Uahi Island Grill (131 Hekili St)
Uahi Island Grill is a restaurant that is known for its contemporary foods that are exciting and full of flare.  They pay special attention to the fresh ingredients that are readily available in the area.  The prices are fair and the food served features a variety of different styles of cuisine that all have an island twist on them.  Locals love the comfortable atmosphere that reminds them of former years and the menu that provides modern spins on old favorites.

Uahi Island Grill Kailua
Uahi Island Grill Kailua

**Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen (151 Hekili)
Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants on the island and is known for having long wait times and long lines.  The thing is that the people who are generally waiting in these lines are not tourists.  The restaurant does not even have their own website.  They are actually just locals who love the food that much.  The restaurant features amazing pancakes and traditional breakfast foods with an island spin.  One of the top specialties is the Macadamia nut sauce that many guests travel great distances just to have again.

Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen Kailua
Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen Kailua

**Baci Bistro (30 Aulike St)
Baci Bistro offers some of the best Italian food in Kailua.  This restaurant is known for its “old world” feel with a “new world” menu.  Most of the visitors to this popular restaurant are locals and it seems to remain unknown to most travelers.  The restaurant opened in 1997 and has been going strong since thanks to the menu that keeps diners longing for more and coming back time and time again.

Baci Bistro Kailua
Baci Bistro Kailua

**Tokoname Restaurant (442 Uluniu St)
Visitors who wish to sample the freshest sushi on the island are going to love this local favorite. Their expansive menu even features great options for carry out making it perfect for travelers who are looking for some sushi to take to their rooms or to enjoy on the beach.  There are a number of specials throughout the week on food and drinks as well.

Tokoname Restaurant Kailua
Tokoname Restaurant Kailua

Best 10 Restaurants in Kailua: Finding The Perfect Dinner on Oahu Hawaii

Kailua is a busy town on the windward coast of Kailua Bay in the district of Oahu in Hawaii in United States. The buzzing beach town is known for its turquoise water, white sand and the awesome food that is found here. Dining at Kailua is great because of the amazing variety of food, delectable taste and reasonable prices. The restaurants in Kailua offer good quality of tasty food and the environment friendly atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for your holiday on Oahu.

Best Restaurants in Kailua
Best Kailua Restaurants

My top ten restaurants in Kailua are as follows:

Kalapawai Cafe and Deli:

Kalapawai Cafe and Deli is one of the best restaurants in Kailua that offers finger licking food at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is located at Kainehe Street that is present when one crosses the little bridge to enter the Kailua town. The restaurant offers the best Mediterranean inspired gourmet food along with an amazing ambience that makes this restaurant one of the best ones for dining. One can get anything and everything starting from pizzas, sandwiches to macarons. Some of the most famous dishes found here are the auction fish on lemongrass risotto, sweet potato ravioli, plain sandwiches with the special kind of French dip, vegetarian sandwich with avocado etc. The restaurant offers the best kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner at a very decent price along with quality customer service.


Casablanca is located in Hoolai Street of Kailua and gives you a great dining experience with your friends and families. The venue and the setting of this restaurant is simply amazing and it’s perfect for any get together. The traditional Moroccan cuisine of the restaurant is simply mind-blowing. When one walks in the restaurant they simply feel great because of the décor, the cushions and the warm feeling of the restaurant. The dishes that are famous here Cornish hen with money and prunes, the lamb dishes are simply great. The savory taste of the fishes and meat are great to taste and all the delicious items are pocket friendly and within your budget.

The Grove:

The Grove is located in Aulike Street in Kailua where one gets the delicious food and drink at a very good pocket friendly price. The lobster risotto is the best food that is served here. Other famous dishes found here are warm Brussels sprout salad, pork sliders, Kalua pork nachos, lamb chops etc. From chicken tenders to mushrooms and steamed clams all are cooked with a lot of fresh and with a lot of care. The food is spicy and juicy and full of taste. The live music at this place makes this atmosphere lively and you can spend quality time with your family and friends in this Kailua restaurant.


This is another famous restaurant in Kailua which is situated in Hekili Street and is best known for its pizzas. The food is fresh here with the most wonderful toppings that will make you lick your fingers. The environment of the restaurant is warm and the parking place is also very decent. The best items that you will find here are spicy meatball pizza, Fennel Pana Cotta, Maitake appetizer, clams in Penang curry, Di Bologna Pizza, Spaghetti all Amatriciana etc. The music is loud here and you will get the best food here for small parties at affordable prices.

Baci Bistro:

Baci Bistro is situated in Aulike Street and the place is the busiest in the weekends. The quality of the food and the service is great here. You would love the way food is presented here. The well behaved staff and the way they serve is simply fabulous. The dishes that are famous here are garlic soup, lobster ravioli, truffle gnocchi, butternut squash ravioli etc. You will get the food served hot along with the perfect combination of spices. The better food and the warm comfortable atmosphere at a reasonable price is the best feature of this restaurant.

Hale Kealoha Restaurant:

This restaurant is located in Hekili Street in kailua and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The staff here is very friendly and the ambience is really great to make people hungry. One can get a very warm vibe here and the interior of the restaurant is suitable for both small and big groups. The food items that are famous here are kalua Pork that is so moist to melt in your mouth, squid luau, chicken long rice, poi, lomi salmon etc. The Hawaiian food and the lovely atmosphere where local bands sing are only seen in this restaurant.

Cinnamon’s Restaurant:

Cinnamon’s is my own favorite and one of the best restaurants in Kailua, situated in Uluniu street in Kailua and is famous for the amazing pancakes it offers. This is one of the few breakfast places in Kailua that can make you long for more delicious items. The Crabcake benedict, Guava chiffon pancakes and the red velvet pancakes are simply delectable in taste. The atmosphere is warm and dishes like Mahi Mahi benedict is really very tasty. You can get these types of dishes at a very affordable range and within your budgets.


This restaurant is located on Kailua road and is one of the most amazing lunch spot for the people here. The Latin American and the Hawaiian fusion are simply great and you would love to taste the dishes here. Some of the very famous items of this restaurant are Raspberry mojito special, Argentine fry bread, Frozen sangria, Smoked Jijori Chicken coyotas etc. The place is very good for groups and dinner parties with friends and families would be the best here. At the most affordable prices you will get everything you love if you have a desire for sweet items.

Willow Tree Restaurant:

The restaurant is located in Kaneohe bay in Kailua and is famous for its amazing customer service. The food joint is located in Aikahi shopping centre and is famous for spicy chicken katsu, meat jun, spicy BBQ chicken, Kalibi, Spicy Fried chicken wings etc. The place is authentic and offers you mouth watering dishes at a pocket friendly price range. The great family atmosphere and the friendly behavior of the staff is just perfect for you to spend quality time with your family in Kailua.

Uahi island Grill:

The food joint in the Hekili street in Kailua and is famous for its comfortable atmosphere and the prompt service of the staff. People have the option of dining in the food joint or grabbing the food out. Here you will get the perfect atmosphere that can increase your appetite with the aroma of the good food. The dishes that are served here are garlic chicken, Korean streak salad, Kalua, cheesecake chocolate peanut butter brownies etc.

So these are the top ten restaurants in Kailua that are simply the great places to dine on your holidays in Kailua. The turquoise water of the beach long with the amazing finger licking food of the restaurants will give you an experience of lifetime. So if you are Oahu and you go to visit to Kailua then you must try to visit some of the above written restaurants for great food and fabulous atmosphere.