Best Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii boasts as one of the finest tourism destinations with the best beaches in the world. From the volcanic black sand, shiny white sand, and to the turquoise waters, Hawaii is indeed a gem for adventure. Whether you are looking for the best beaches for surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, or sunbathing, Hawaii’s expansive coastline has myriad of beaches for every preference.

Are you looking for the best beaches in Hawaii for your upcoming vacation? Check out our list of the best beaches in Hawaii that you need to tour.

Top Ten List

1. Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Kaanapali beach is a beautiful white sand beach that comprise of a 3 miles stretch of coastline. It’s perfect for individuals who love swimming. It’s very popular and you will find the beach full especially on holidays and weekends.

Snorkeling activities are also done here but on the north end next to the Black Rock. Among the hotels and restaurants available at Kaanapali Beach include; Kaanapali Beach Hotel, and Westin Maui Resort and SPA.

2. Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Hanalei bay in Kauai is another stunning beach that is worth visiting. It has a crescent shape appearance and it’s surrounded by gorgeous mountains and vegetation. At Hanalei bay, there are three beaches that you can explore.

The Black Pot Beach is located just close to the Hanalei River and its home to one of the biggest pier that kids love.

Among the popular water activities visitors undertake when they visit Hanalei Bay include; swimming, fishing, surfing, boogie boarding, and camping.

There are both luxury and budget hotels that you can get tasty meals and accommodation. They include; Hanalei Dolphin Cottages, St. Regis Princeville, and Hanalei Inn.

3. Hapuna Beach, Big Island

If you are looking for the perfect destination for a family vacation in Big Island, then Hapuna Beach is the real deal. It has the largest coastline stretch of white sand beach. Most popular water activities that you can undertake here include; snorkeling, swimming, and boogie boarding.

For accommodation and meals, you can visit Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

4. Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Waikiki beach is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. It’s a manmade beach with rich history of Hawaiian community and it can be described as the spot that gave rise to the current bodysurfing.

Millions of visitors both local and foreign flock Waikiki beach every year and it’s ideal for swimming, paddle-boarding, sunbathing, celebrity watch, and kayaking. There are sections of Waikiki beach that are walled off from the tides and are perfect for kids and novice swimmers.

There are various hotels and food joints around Waikiki beach that you can enjoy tasty foods. Among the recommended hotels include; Halekulani, Park Shore Waikiki, Waikiki Prince, and Moana Surfrider.

5. Mauna Kea Beach, Big Island

Kaunaʻoa Beach also known as Mauna Kea beach is of the finest white sand beaches in Big Island. It has sparkling and turquoise waters that are calm making is a perfect destination for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing lovers.

Among the top recommended hotels for delicious foods and accommodation in Mauna Kea Beach include; Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel.

6. Waimea Bay, Oahu

Waimea bay is famous for huge high waves and it’s for this reason the beach is known as the home for surfing. It holds major international surfing competitions every year and it attracts millions of people.

During the summer season, the tides are generally low which is perfect for swimming and other water activities. Waimea bay receives many visitors during the summer conditions as it’s considered one of the best beaches for family vacations on Oahu’s north shore.

For tasty foods and drinks you can go to Ke Iki Beach Bungalows.

7. Hamoa Beach, Maui

Hamoa beach is one of the famous family friendly beaches in Maui, Hawaii. It’s a salt-and-pepper beach which comprise of a mixture of white sand and black lava. It has an expansive coastline with lush vegetation and several sea cliffs.

Among the popular water activities that visitors engage in are; surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. During the winter condition, there are high currents and waves and it’s advisable to be extra cautious during this season.

Among the recommended hotels that you can get delicious foods and drinks include Travaasa Hana and Hana Kai hotel.

8. Coconut Island (Moku Ola), Big Island

Coconut Island is a small island located at Hilo bay and it’s very popular as a family-friendly tourist destination. Visitors go there to swim, picnic, and there is a tower where kids use it to jump into the water.

Coconut Island has rich history among the locals as it’s known as the ancient city of refuge where lawbreakers regained their freedom if they could outrun the warriors up to this spot.

When touring this sparkling beach, you can eat at The Lotus Garden Hotel or Kama’aina Inn.

9. Napili Bay, Maui

Napili bay is a white sand beach and one of the calmest beaches in Hawaii. It’s a popular destination for swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Napili bay is close to Ka’anapali beach and Kapalua beach, which are both over crowded.

There are various hotels both luxury and moderate around Napili bay which offer great meals and accommodation. Among the top recommended hotels include; Napili Kai Beach Resort, Montage Kapalua Bay, and Ritz Carlton Hotel.

10. Sunset Beach, Oahu

Located at the North Shore of Oahu, Sunset Beach is a famous destination for individuals who love surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. During winter season, waves are high and it’s very risky for inexperienced surfers and swimmers.

Sunset beach is home to the renowned Banzai Pipeline/North Shore Swell and it hosts major surfing competitions. Every year, the Sunset Beach receives millions of tourists and it’s a unique spot where you can meet various celebrities.

Best Beaches in Hawaii FAQ:

Which Hawaiian Island has the best beach?

All beaches in Hawaii Islands are best and offer different experiences depending with the visitors’ preference. From Oahu Island, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island, there is something good for everyone.

What beach has the clearest water in Hawaii?

Molokini Island, just off the coast of Maui.

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