Is $100 per night unrealistic on WAIKIKI?

Right near Honolulu, the capital of the paradisiac Hawaiian land, you will find a wonderful place named Waikiki, which is famous for its beach filled with white sand. It is also known to have been the playground for the royal family and its name can be easily translated from Hawaiian into “spouting waters”. This city was introduced to the world for the first time in 1901, when the first hotel, named Mona Surfrider, was built. Nowadays, this is Oahu’s main resort and hotel at the same time, as well as the place where visitors around the world gather and enjoy a relaxing time while the beauty of the nature carefully watches over them.

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A few points of interest in Waikiki

The clear and calm waters of Waikiki are perfect for learning how to surf and the wonderful landscape provided by Leahi or the Diamond Head, as it is also named, is surely a bless for the heart. The beauty of this region lies not only in the beach, but also in all the attractions like the Honolulu Zoo or the Waikiki Aquarium, where anyone can have fun with their friends or family. Another interesting aspect about this region is the fact that its history can be easily read on the surfboards which can be found along the Waikiki Historical Trail. At the same time, you must be prepared for all the shopping and dining places you can explore during your whole stay.

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9 Great Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii Hotels Under $100

Finding accommodation in Waikiki

Leaving aside the attractions and the wonderful nature that surrounds this entire place, the main focus is on the accommodation, the first aspect people are taking into consideration before going in a holiday. It can be challenging to find the perfect place you want to stay and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, but with patience and calm, everyone will eventually find his / her perfect place to stay.

One of the main problems tourists encounter when they are trying to find accommodation is the price. The good news about Waikiki Honolulu is that you can come across hotel prices of under $100 per night. Following hotels (and not only) can all be booked for under $100 per night:

Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel
Hotels in Honolulu from $60/night


Maile Sky Court
Hotels under 100 USD near Waikiki Beach Area


Waikiki Gateway Hotel
$60-$100 Apartment Hotels in Waikiki

Types of accommodations

The main idea is that you will find places to stay where the prices start from $100 per night, but they will definitely be very basic in terms of design and furniture and they are more likely to be located away from the Waikiki Beach. If this is an aspect that doesn’t bother you, then you may proceed with your searches. After all, when you go in a holiday, you don’t really plan to stay inside your room, right? That’s something you can do very well at home. The point of a trip is to explore the new place you came to visit and build up memories with spontaneous and completely unexpected experiences.

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Best Value Hotels in Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach

Now, getting back to our accommodation issue, there is a family business that runs from the 70’s and that, every year, waits for new and old guests alike. The Royal Grove Hotel, as it is called, offers a room with a double bed and a kitchen. The air-conditioning featured in the room is a must for the hot nights. Moreover, it is located near the beach, and only a few minutes away from to the Duke Statue.

Did you know? The legendary Duke Kahanamoku grew up surfing on these waters that are slowly caressing the shores of Waikiki.

To prevent spending extra amounts of money, it is recommended to enter the resorts’ websites and browse through their picture galleries after you made up a list of hotels you are interested in. When you decide upon a hotel, then all you have to do is make the booking directly on their website.

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Budget Waikiki Vacation Rentals from $89 / Night

Also, pay attention when they state that the breakfast is included. Breakfast may sometimes refer to pastry and fruits and not to a full breakfast. Therefore, if you wish to have a richer breakfast in your Hawaiian mornings make a call and ask for specific information. Another option would be to try and find other places where the morning course is served. You may get a greater variety, as well as better prices.

Types of travellers

There are usually three main types of travellers: those who are young and tight on a budget, families and those who are coming to Hawaii to satisfy their dream vacation. Most of the tourists who enter the Hawaiian territory are either visiting with their families or are coming here to relax and enjoy life at a high budget.

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However, there are also those who are young and full of adventure, with adrenaline running through their veins, people who wish to see the world and enjoy the experience of a beautiful sunset on the Waikiki Beach. Others want to catch the wonderful view of a storm causing the ocean to agitate in the beautiful game of lightning strikes and with the marvelous background music played by overwhelming thunders.

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For these adventurers, a great place to stay on a low budget is a hostel. You only need a place to sleep, a shower and a bit of rest. For the remaining amount of time, you will probably be out exploring and gazing at the beauty of this wonderful place.


A trip to Hawaii is probably one of the best things one can experience in a lifetime. Maybe it is also one the most wanted trips on Earth and one of the most mentioned elements on millions of people’s bucket lists. The simple joy that causes the admiration of nature can be achieved with a high amount of money, but also with a lower sum.

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You don’t really need much to take in and absorb all the positive energy out there. The fact that you are spending your nights in a more expensive or in a cheaper hotel is a matter of individual preference. The experience will be pretty much the same, because, let’s face it, you’re not really going to Hawaii to stay in a closed room all day long, right?

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