Looking to enjoy a relaxing day or a fun time on the beach on the Big Island beaches of Hawaii? The possibilities are endless. So put on your swimsuit, bring your hiking shoes and a change of clothes, and get ready to see lava! No matter what your age is, where you come from or what you like to do there is something for you to enjoy on the Big Island. Here are a few ideas to spark your interest.


Because the Big Island is a relatively young island in geological terms, the beaches aren’t all soft sand that you can walk across for miles like on some of the other islands in the Pacific. When you visit Big Island beaches you will experience a sensory overload of some of the most beautiful plants and wildlife like green sand due to olivine crystals, Hawaiian green sea turtles, turquoise waters, humpback whales, and more.

If you were wondering about showers, most Big Island beach facilities do have a shower area where you can clean yourself up after a nice day at the beach.

Some great Big Island beaches include:

Volcanic Activity

If you weren’t already aware, the Big Island has active volcanos and constant lava flows coming from the active shield volcano called Kilauea, for example. At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you can have the opportunity to see glowing lava. The park is open 24/7. The Kapoho tide pools were a beautiful place to visit for snorkeling before the pools were flooded with lava in 2018.


Grab your snorkel gear, head to the coast and enjoy the beautiful coral reef in the clear water that Big Island beaches have to offer. Most of the best snorkeling spots are located on the west coast of the Big Island.

A few great snorkeling locations you can visit include:


Wondering where to go fishing? Whether you are looking for a guided fishing day or a more relaxed experience of fishing off the shore, there is plenty of fish to be caught. The Kona and Kohala coasts are among the best places for shore fishing without a guide where you can encounter endless tropical fish.

Beyond the Beach

Having fun on the Big Island doesn’t always involve going to the beach. There are plenty of other beautiful places inland that you can become familiar with when it comes time to put some shoes on. If you are looking to go for a complete tour of the Hawaiian highways, you can find mile marker zero of route 11 in Hilo and start from there! The belt road of the Big Island consists of routes 11, 19, and 190.

Some great places to visit include:

Big Island Beaches Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Big Island have good beaches?

Big Island Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the whole world. Whether you want a secluded beach to find peace or big waves to catch the surf with life-guard on duty at the store, you will surely find it on the Big Island.

Are there sandy beaches on the Big Island?

Although not all Big Island beaches have sand, there are still plenty of places where you can go to walk barefoot and enjoy the sun. Punalu’u is a beach with black sand that has easy access where you can see turtles, however, because the rip currents are strong this is not a recommended swimming beach. Hapuna is also a famous sandy beach.

Which island of Hawaii has the best beaches?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. Green Sand beach on the Big Island is somewhere you can go to experience unique green sand. Maui is known for its excellent beaches like Makena Beach, and if you are looking for a secluded beach then you should consider visiting Lanai. North Shore beach on the island of O’ahu has some of the best surfing in the world. Kekaha on the island Kaua’i is also a recommended place for great beaches.

Where can you swim on the big island?

Waialea Bay has calm waters that are great for swimming, Anaeho’omalu Bay is a great year-round swimming spot that has some of the calmest water in Big Island Hawaii.

Enjoy Life on an Island That’s Just for You

Now you have some valuable information that should help you plan your vacation to the Big Island accordingly. As a reminder, it is always a good idea to bring items that will make your vacation more comfortable including sunblock, towels, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, first aid kit etc. because you don’t want to be in one of the most beautiful spots in the world and feeling uncomfortable or not prepared for the situation. Stay educated about how to be safe in the ocean; if you are taking kids, go over the basics with them before going to the beach and don’t let them get too far out of sight when swimming in the water. Another important point is that you need to respect the ocean and the beach. Leaving trash for others to pick up, or to wash away in the ocean is not a nice thing for the rest of us.

Now get out there and enjoy the Big Island!