Are you planning for a beach vacation in Hawaii and you are not sure about the best destinations to visit? For a breathtaking beach experience, you need to visit outstanding beaches in Maui that create a long-lasting memory of fun and pleasure. But what are the best beaches in Maui?

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Maui Island in Hawaii is a popular tourism destination and has many miles of swimmable beaches compared to other Islands. There are different best beaches to visit in Maui that suit various types of vacations.

Whether you are going for honeymoon, a family vacation, or a surf trip, we’ve got you covered.

The following are the best beaches in Maui to visit on your next vacation;

1. Kapalua Bay Beach

Kapalua Bay is one of the calmest beaches in Maui. Most popular activities that visitors engage in include; Snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie boarding, and swimming.

Surfing and boogie boarding are ideal during winter conditions. Summer seasons are the calmest durations and many people visit this beach during this tranquil conditions.

To access Kapalua bay beach, you can use the small public parking area that is just next to Napil Kai Beach Resort. You will walk down the short stairway and the paved pathway and access the bay beach.

There are all necessary public amenities including showers, restrooms, picnic tables and drinking fountains.

Visitors’ tips:

  • Ensure that you come early during summer because it can be overcrowded
  • During summer calm conditions, experienced snorkelers can even swim all through to nearby Namalu Bay
  • You can also hike along the expansive 1.75 miles Kapalua Coastal trail in early morning

2. Mokulei’a Bay Beach (Slaughter-house)

Mokulei’a Bay beach is a popular vacation destination in Hawaii and it’s renowned for snorkeling and bodysurfing activities.

The beach is about 2.5 miles north of Kapalua and you can road trip to this sandy beach via Highway 30.

Mokulei’a beach has a lot of wind and if you want a calm environment, early mornings hours are the best.

During the summer season, the conditions are a bit calm and this is the best time for snorkeling and scuba diving. For bodysurfing activities, the winter season is the most ideal.

Visitors’ tips:

  • For the best experience, ensure you arrive early to get a parking space.
  • For best snorkeling experience, go to the rocky cove on the far right-hand of the
  • Mokulei’a bay beach

3. Honokahua Bay Beach (D.T. Fleming Beach Park)

Honokahua Bay Beach is another popular vacation destination that you can visit for a wide range of breathtaking activities.

Among the most popular activities include; bodysurfing, hiking, swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding.

To access Honokahua Bay Beach, you can use two different routes. To go to Beach Park, you can drive a half a mile and go north of the Kapalua entrance.

You will find beach park access road where you will turn left. Here, you will easily spot parking slots, shower and restrooms, picnic tables, and lifeguard stand.

The other route is via Kapalua resort. Here you will just need to park your car in the parking slots at the bottom of Office road.

After parking, you will just follow the concrete walkway and go down via the Ritz Carton all the way to the beach.

There are moderate amount of trade-winds especially in late afternoon. During the winter seasons, the most ideal activities to perform are; surfing, boogie boarding, and bodysurfing.

Visitor’s tips:

  • Come with your shoes for a hiking trip to the luxurious Mahana ridge trial and enjoy a stunning experience
  • Don’t forget to visit the path skirts a Hawaiian culture site to have a taste of indigenous rich culture

4. Napili Bay Beach

Napili Bay Beach is popular for both snorkeling and swimming activities. It’s just close to Kapalua bay beach and accessing it from this point is very easy.

When you are at Kapalua bay, you can see across Napili bay due to the expansive stretch of beachfront condos.

When driving, you can access this exciting destination via Hui drive. You will find one showering point and you can just take the sandy pathway and walk down to the beach.

Napili beach is calm during summer season. During the winter, the beach is mostly jagged and void of the northeast trade-winds which flow past the beach offshore.

Visitor’s tips:

  • During the calm conditions, experienced snorkeler can move up to Honokeana Cove south of the beach where you get a rare opportunity to see Hawaiian green sea turtles.
  • Starting from 5 PM, you can enjoy a 50 percent discount for appetizers at the Sea House Restaurant.

5. Keawakapu Beach

At Keawakapu beach, you can enjoy stand-up paddling activities, swimming, snorkeling, and sunset watching. There are three routes you can use to access Keawakapu beach.

You can use the north end parking which has a large parking lot which is just next to Day’s Inn Hotel.

You can also use the south end which has a small parking lot next to South Kihei Road or go via the middle of the beach where there is a narrow public access walkway.

Keawakapu beach conditions also vary depending on the season. During winter, the morning are the calmest. In summer, there are winds which starts by 11 a.m.

Visitors’ tips:

  • If the beach is overcrowded, you can take a walk along the beach at sunset
  • Visit the north end and enjoy a half-priced sushi only at the Five Palms Restaurant

Best Beaches in Maui FAQ

What is the most beautiful beach in Maui?

All beaches in Maui are beautiful and they provide a unique experience. The above mentioned best beaches in Maui are all stunning.

In addition, you can visit Hamoa beach, Wailea beach, and Makena beach among others.

What is the calmest beaches in Maui?

The calmest beaches in Maui include; Wailea, Keawakapu, and Napili beaches.

Are Maui beaches safe?

Majority are safe but it’s good to take extra precautions during winter surfing because of the dangerous waves.

Which side of Maui has the best weather?

The Leeward West region. It’s located in lower ground near the coast something that makes it warmer, sunnier, and drier compared to other sections of the Maui Island.