Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay

Why Is Waimea Worth Visiting? What Can I Do At Waimea?

Waimea Bay area is one of the places on Ohau that you imagine Hawaii to look like. There is a beach park along the narrow winding roadway. As you slowly drive the coastline, you can look off into the blue ocean and see 20 feet of giant waves curl.

The roadway has little surfing shops, different types of food vendors, people in swimsuits walking to and from the beach. As you look from the roadway, one side is all beach and ocean. While on the other side of the road there are houses speckled in the lush green mountainside.

It is a calm, peaceful place. The general population is just waiting for the words, “surf’s up.” Then out into the deep blue ocean, they go. Surfboard in hand. Ready to ride the curling waves.

It is truly a fantastic site to see big waves curl. If you look off into the distance, you can see a person on a surfboard come out of that tunnel of water all the way until the wave breaks, off to catch the next giant waves rolling in.

Often as you are driving the coast, you look into the ocean and see so many surfers catching waves. Then you realize they are participating in some big wave surfing contest.

The surfing community remembers their lifeguard Legend, Eddie Aiku. Local Hawaiians remember to keep the surfing legacy of Eddie alive with the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitation surfing contest. It is an honorary event to attend.

It is so lovely to get out of the car and watch the surfers ride the waves, until the sunsets on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. While you are waiting for the sunset beach, Waimea Falls is the place to go. The falls are one of our favorite places on the island.

Waimea Falls is a park nestled in the valley. There is a nice paved walking trail with lots of beautiful flowers and birds. You can see the colorful indigenous birds and trees as you walk down the path to the waterfall.

Look on either side of the trail, and you will see the majestic forested mountains. The peacocks on the path will fan you their beautiful tails for a spectacular photo.

As you approach the waterfall, better have your swimsuit on. You don’t want to miss out swimming in the magnificent blue water under the waterfalls and in the water-filled pool below. The water is so clear and refreshing.

As you walk the trail back through the park to dry off, stop by and visit the ponds and listen to the sounds of the birds. Have a seat under one of the magnificent trees with huge boughs that filter the hot sunlight.

After your relaxing outing in the valley, you may be a little hungry. No worries, the famous shrimp trucks are just around the corner. Yes, huge prawns smothered in your choice of garlic butter or a special Hawaiian sauce. The prawns are served with Hawaiian style potato salad and rice, of course. World-renowned are the old bread trucks turned in to shrimp cooking kitchens.

Where Is Waimea Located

You can find Waimea Valley on Oahu north shore. It is about 45 minutes to an hour drive on the Kamehameha highway if traffic is light coming out of the bustle of Honolulu. The drive is very nice and the time passes quickly.

On your way to Waimea, you will transition from a big city to a rural, more peaceful scenery. There are coffee and pineapple plantations along the way. The roads are a little narrower with fewer cars on them. As you keep driving, the road will take a big turn, and you will begin driving by the ocean, you are almost to Waimea.

Best Places To Stay At

There are many bed and breakfasts to retreat to at night. If you want more luxurious accommodations there is a golf course resort nearby. They are known as an excellent place to stay by a former president of the United States and his family.


Whether you choose to visit Waimea during the winter months or the summer months, Waimea is always green, lush, and beautiful. If you like fewer crowds, it is best to go in-between the high tourist times. But no matter when you go, the gentle surf-loving people of Hawaii will always welcome you with a big Aloha.