Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach

Things To Do At Wailea

South of Maui, it is one of Hawaii’s most bustling beach areas and one of the best places to scuba dive, surf, snorkel, or boogie board.

It is a beautiful choice for a relaxing vacation and family fun. Its picturesque scenery attracts thousands of tourists from around the world each year.

You will enjoy its balmy weather, lovely sea, fine evening dining, and abundant aquatic activities. Surfers and boogie boarders can be seen frequently enjoying the waves. This area also boasts five of Maui’s most outstanding golf courses.

Wailea was initially a settlement for fishing. Its name roughly translates to “water of Lea.” Lea was the goddess of canoe makers. According to legend, she turned the area into a gorgeous wooded area for birds and would often soar to the heavens above it to admire its wonder.

The beach is known for its soft sand and calm, and breathtaking view of the ocean. The calls of whales can be heard offshore in the winter months.

Several of the absolute best of Maui’s resorts and are clustered in the Wailea region. The Grand Wailea Resorts and the Four Seasons are located at opposite ends of the beach. Visitors will be delighted at the scenic and well-kept public facilities, which include a paved walkway that extends the length of the beach. The beach offers bathrooms and showers, as well as free parking. It is in proximity to several high-end resorts, so you will usually get to enjoy a nice crowd.

Wailea beach villas offer luxurious lodging. There are also kayaks, boards and gear for rent from the beach. Shops at Wailea is a shopper’s paradise where you can find the best in clothing and accessory brands, island fashion, jewelry stores, music, entertainment, and a great deal more. In fact, Wailea has a rich variety of shops and restaurants to choose from. There is plenty to keep you busy and offer a memorable experience.

The popular Dolphins Galleries provides a broad assortment of fine local art, including, sculptures, jewelry, glasswork, woodwork, and more. Maui is well known for its finest restaurants.

Longhi’s, Five Palms, and Morimoto Maui’s are just a few of the many mouth watering options for an unforgettable dining experience. More moderately priced eateries include Lineage and Pita Paradise Wailea Gateway.

Aquatic activities are plentiful, and Wailea Beach leads the way in such favorite water adventures as snorkeling and scuba diving. Ulua and Mokapu are the preferred places to snorkel and dive. In fact, this is the training area for many scuba diving beginners. You can choose between two reefs. The first one is best for snorkeling, while scuba diving is preferred in the second one.

Where Is Wailea Located

Wailea Beach is undoubtedly one of Hawaii’s most perfect beaches and consistently rated among the world’s best. It is situated in the heart of Wailea, and one of three main beaches to comprise the entire southwestern Maui coastal strip. The area is a strip of shore land, which geographically occupies the southwestern coast of the island. Beginning in North Kihei, the South Maui coastal strip extends to the southernmost La Perouse Bay. 

Why Wailea Is Worth Visiting

The most attractive destinations for tourists–Kihei, Wailea, and Makena–make up most of this area. Wailea Beach occupies the middle of the strip, between Kihei to the north and Makena to the south. Wailea Beach is known for its posh resorts, like the Four Seasons and Wailea Beach Resort-Marriott, great golfing, friendly waves, gentle slope, and rocky outcroppings, which offer great places to snorkel.

Where To Stay

The lodging is to die for. Vast ocean and splendid views of neighboring islands can be had right from the living, dining, and kitchen areas, and verandas. Many of the hotels and condos are just a few minutes from the world-class beaches of Maui. Lodging is immaculate, of high quality, and made with upscale furnishings.


If you are determined to have the vacation you have always dreamed, plan right now to experience the wonders of the incomparable Wailea Beach in Maui, where the sun, sand, surf, and social life will work together to give you the best of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. What better time to plan the experience of a lifetime, than today?