Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

What are great things to do, places to visit, and things to see while in Waikiki

One reason Waikiki is one of the country’s most famous places to visit is that there are so many things to do and sights to visit. Of course, the main attraction that every visitor needs to go see is the series of beaches along the coast, all of which are great locations to go enjoy a day swimming or trying out new activities in the water. The beaches start out on the western side of the island with Kahanamoku Beach. It then goes on out to Sans Souci Beach and Diamond Head beach. Finally, the most visited beaches in Waikiki is Royal Hawaiian Beach and Kuhio Beach Park.

The Honolulu Zoo is located here in Waikiki, Hawaii. This zoo is 42 acres big and has several hundred different types of animals including tropical birds, snakes, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. It also has a huge variety of plants that are indigenous to Hawaii, which gives the zoo a beautiful tropical feel to it. Today, animals that can be found at the zoo come from three tropical zones, including the African Savannah, tropical rainforests and islands. The zoo also has a petting zone and a huge playground for children to enjoy.

Kalakaua Avenue is often referred too as Waikiki’s main street. The avenue is a mile long and goes straight through the center of Waikiki, running parallel to the beach. The street is packed with countless shops, tropical hotels, seafood restaurants, and shops with everything a tourist or a local could need. This lively street ensures that you will never be bored.

United States Army Museum is a small museum that displays several military items and artifacts including weapons from World War II, remnants from wars that broke out against Hawaiian tribes, and uniforms of American and enemy soldiers that date back to 200 years ago. This museum is located in a historic building that was built in 1909 and was originally used to protect Pearl Harbor and Honolulu.

There is a huge shopping center located right in the middle of Waikiki (near Hanauma Bay). This Hawaiian royalty shopping center has everything from nation-wide chains to stores that can only be found in Hawaii. There are clothing stores, cute touristy boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, and water sports stores. There are also great activities for people to do such as free ukulele classes, free hula lessons, outrigger canoe rides, lauhala weaving lessons and more.

Waikiki first became a beloved tourist location because of the world-renowned surfer Duke Kahanamoku who was a native Hawaiian surfer, surfing instructor, and an Olympic swimmer. You can go to the Moana Surfrider company and get professional surfing lessons whether you are a professional surfer yourself or a total newbie. This protected bay in Waikiki makes it the most beautiful, serene, idealistic place to go surfing.

Where is Waikiki located

Waikiki Beach is a famous beach that is located in part of Honolulu closest to its south shore. The Waikiki area has beautiful beaches all found on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. As the name might suggest, Waikiki is most famous for all of its pristine beaches and draws in tourists from all around the country to see it.

Why Waikiki is worth going to see

Waikiki is known for being not only a beautiful tourist area but a safe one as well. The beach is kid-friendly so it is perfect for a family vacation. The top priority of beach officials is to keep it safe and appropriate for people of all ages to enjoy. The white sand of the beach is what continues to bring people back. Tourists find the area to be warm and inviting with a lot for everyone to do, which makes them want to come back year after year. Most people who visit Waikiki say that they keep returning because it is a literal paradise. The air is incredibly fresh which is a huge change of pace for most tourists, and the environment is so happy and relaxed that tourists never feel like they have to rush anywhere; they can simply relax, unwind, and wander around the area feeling safe and at ease.

Where to Park in Waikiki

There are plenty of parking spaces that can be spotted all over Waikiki. Free and cheap parking lots are found especially near the shopping centers. Ala Moana, which is where most of the hotels are located, has free all day and overnight parking. More parking spaces can be found at Fort DeRussy Beach Park so people can stay at the beach all day long.

Best Places to stay

When you go to Waikiki you want to stay at a hotel that will give you incredible views and all the amenities you could think of. Some of the best hotels recommended by tourists are the Halekulani Hotel, Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk, and the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

How to get to Waikiki

Once you land in Hawaii, there are plenty of ways you can get from there to Waikiki. You can take a taxi from the hotel to the airport, take the Wiki Wiki shuttle to downtown Waikiki, or take Bus Route #20 as it stops along most of the hotels.