Sandy Beach Oahu

Sandy Beach, Oahu, known for its incredible surfing, boogie boarding, and snorkeling, invites visitors into ocean territory unlike any other. With its dazzling white sands, rich turquoise waters, and barrelling waves close to the shore, the beach provides a spectacular sight to behold.

Where Is Sandy Beach Located?

This beach park is located in Honolulu, Hawaii at Oahu’s extreme southern point, facing the island of Molokai, and receives wave action from all directions. Because Sandy Beach gets both south and north swells, strong rip tides are to be expected.

Why Visit Sandy Beach?

The beach’s unusually high 6 to 8-foot waves often wow newcomers and tempt bodysurfing competitors. This Oahu Beach has a rocky east end with a shallow reef; visitors will notice a large amount of lava rock in this vicinity. The beach’s west end is more sandy and swimmable for both inexperienced and pros. One can enjoy the warm temperatures for swimming when the waters are calm, but it is nicknamed break neck beach for its dangerously powerful waves and strong currents. Sandy Beach has the highest rate of broken backs and necks of any beach in the nation. The ocean bottom sweeps down steeply with a short break from the coastline so visitors are advised to strictly obey lifeguard instructions. If possible, inquire about water conditions, as all Hawaii beaches can be unpredictable.


Parking is free, yet it is advisable to arrive early to find a good space.

Things To Do At Sandy Beach

For water sport enthusiasts, Sandy Beach Oahu hosts professional surfing contests annually along the area’s north shore. Many wave-riding competitions occur throughout the year by experienced professionals; novice swimmers are encouraged to beware. These competitions have been a long-standing Hawaiian tradition. The beach’s incredible body surfing has drawn many tourists and celebrities to the area, including President Obama who beholds the beach as an ultimate favorite.

The beach also interests a considerable amount of kite flyers and provides access to a large field for sports.

While coasting the area, check out the tasty food trucks and scenic helicopter rides. For an adrenaline rush, consider hang gliding over the beach against the backdrop of the Koolau Mountain Range. Sandy Beach also has a spacious lawn next to the waters which visitors use for wave-watching and observing the surroundings. Public restrooms and cold water showers are also available. Be mindful that the sun sets behind Koko Head a couple hours before the actual sunset, so the area gets shady and might get chilly early. If up for more sight-seeing, take a driving tour along the south shore and enjoy the rich scenery of the areas most popular beaches- Waikiki, Hilton Lagoon, and Magic Island.

The incredible beauty and splendor of Oahu has sparked artistic attention as well, as the famous beach scene from the movie “From Here to Eternity” was filmed along the coastline. Visitors will want to consider the breathtaking Eastern Oahu Shoreline Tour- guiding from the bay to the Halona Blowhole. Sandy Beach is just a mile past the blowhole and can be viewed while driving and from any area along the beach. The Halona Blowhole is one of Hawaii’s natural wonders, created thousands of years ago from molten lava tubes. Shoreline Tour guides will share local myths, ancient Oahu legends and fascinating history.

While coasting the shoreline (or at any location on Sandy Beach), one can observe The Blowhole- ocean water shooting vertically 30 feet from a lava tube. This rock formation at Hanauma Bay overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Geysers shoot and can be seen from the road. This particular bay area has a snack bar for those seeking a bite to eat- serving Bacon Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Teriyaki Chicken, Garden, Chicken and Caesar Salads, and Turkey Wraps.


Keep in mind that because Sandy Beach Park is known for its high surf and powerful waves, entering the water is recommended for experienced body surfers and swimmers. Visitors can enjoy the view of the high shore breaks, but are highly cautioned to leave surfing activities to professionals. This Oahu beach park is one of many to be found close to Honolulu. For a more kid-friendly beach opt for Simpson Beach, located about 15 miles east along the coastal highway. However, lifeguards are on duty at Sandy Beach and are fully prepared to assist with questions about the area. If swimming, be on the lookout for lifeguard flags to warn about the strength of the currents. One can truly languish in the splendor of “Sandy’s” white sand beach, as long as the proper precautions are taken.