Vacation to Pohoiki Black Sand Beach

Waiting for your passport isn’t as fun as waiting in line for a delicacy on the beach. Finding the perfect spot to vacay is definitely what you need! When you travel it takes a lot of planning and patience. Consider what type of environment you like and why you want to go there. Still confused? Let us help you plan the perfect trip to Hawaii!

Pohoiki Black Sand Beach

Most people think of North Shore or Waikiki Beach when they visit the island of Hawaii. With 2018 came a new and currently trending beach called Pohoiki. Last year, Pohoiki was formed by a hot lava eruption just offshore. The lava completely covered popular thermal ponds as the lava flowed into the island’s core. One of the main problems is how this affected the bay. Pohoiki Bay is the only boat launch. Fisherman and locals who need to travel cannot leave without interference.

Its remnants have stopped flowing and was closed to the public for safety reasons, but have recently opened up as Hawaii’s most interesting travel spots!

Where It’s Located

“Pohoiki Beach is located at the intersection of Pohoiki road and the scenic Kapoho-Kalapana road (route 137) in the district of Puna near the east side Hawai’i Island,” one website says. “These roads were overrun by lava but by November 2018 a new road between MacKenzie and Pohoiki was cleared.” So, it’s close to some of the other major parks in Hawaii.

Main Features and Visiting

This beach’s main draw is the black sand. It’s coarse and has a unique texture that can be used to make jewelry. A small forest housed with millions of coconuts are used in nearby shops for cuisine. You mostly see them in Puna or Kapoho though. What’s more breathtaking is the beautiful greenery behind the lava mounds. Miles of open grass surround the eastern side of the park and create this gorgeous landscape you can walk through. Parts of this area are cut off because the trees have wilte. Take caution when exploring this area!

Fun Things to Do There

You can do so many fun things in Pohoiki! The wide area of water allows you to enjoy some serious waves when surfing. You can also walk across the Pohoiki boat ramp in front of the beach. There is a small clear section of water for kids to dive in. Parents can soak up some natural UV rays and relax on the coast. Pohoiki Beach Park area is known for its compact, homely vibe.

Isaac Hale Beach Park is the second biggest attraction for tourists. There are food courts, small playground areas, and chill spots here. There are no hotels in this park at the moment. They are hoping to renovate Issac as soon as possible.

You are able to relax in the in the greenery behind the park’s mounds. A small pond of water and cover from trees protect you from the shade. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!


Most of the roads to Pohoiki are blocked off by trees and dirt. If you want to find a close parking spot, follow the MacKenzie trail and stop there before you reach the opening of the park. Continue down this part of the park until you reach MacKenzie State Park and regroup there.

Places To Stay

The main town close to Pohoiki is Pahoa, Hawaii. The drive from here to Black Sand Beach is roughly 30 minutes or less. Stay in the Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat Center. This is a favorite tourist spot. They offer free wifi, hot tubs, and free yoga lessons. It’s calm and peaceful when you enter the fitness center because you have the option of your choice. Its current 4.0 start ratings aren’t just for show!

How To Get There

GPS may not be the best way to get to Pohoiki. Some of the roads are still closed off from the volcanic streams. The fastest way to get there is by taking Highway 130 from Pahoa. Then, turn left and merge onto Highway 136 in the Puna District. Pohoiki is a big island. You may want to go with a group of friends so you don’t get lost. Have fun planning your trip and and take a break!