Kauai is an island that carries a long history in the formation of the island. This island is situated the fart north of all the island chains and contains luscious valleys, high mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, lagoons, beaches, and everything Hawaii is noted for.

When vacationing in Hawaii with kids and they want to go swimming in the ocean, naturally as a parent this does not sound like a smart vacation plan. But, there is a family beach location on the East side of Kauai that fits this description perfectly. The beach is sprinkled with coconut trees and family-friendly pavilions.

The beach is a protected swimming area known as Lydgate State Beach Park that is located on the Wailua River. On the mouth of the Wailua is this unique beach vacation spot that features two enclosed swimming lagoons fenced off just a few yards from the ocean by a rock wall.

Not only can you and the kids swim in the enclosed ocean pools but you will literally experience swimming with the fishes. Small reef fish and a variety of tropical fish that squeeze between the rocks surrounding the pools, attracts many visitors to this paradise spot on the mouth of Wailua.

Lydgate Park is what many Hawaiian attractions offer, which is great family fun! There are two enclosed reef style swimming ponds, one for adults and another for the children. Year-round, the Lydgate Park attracts many swimmers picnickers campers.

There are beautiful landscaped playground and picnic areas along a walkable paved coastal pathway. Lydgate beach has gained a reputation in travel pamphlets for being one of the safest places on the island for kids and adults of all levels who love snorkeling and swimming.

Lydgate Park Location/Transportation

Lydgate is located on Nalu Road, Kauai, Hawaii. Varied transportation options are available for travelers to reach this vacation haven. Transportation is in the form of rental cars, taxi services, a bus shuttle or the use of an Uber driver.

When you fly into Lihue Airport, you are just under five miles away from Lydgate State Beach Park. Via transportation to the park, it will take you less than 10 minutes along the scenic highway drive.

More Beach Features

Lydgate is one of the most popular pure sandy beach parks on Kauai for windsurfers especially when the Kona winds offer favorable conditions for this side of the island. Not only do the island winds offer favorable sailing but divers love the protected reef pools.

Additional family fun features within Lydgate State Park include the following:

o        Hygienic restrooms with showers

o        BBQ Grills with plenty of picnic tables

o        A lifeguard is always available

o        Sports field

o        Playgrounds filled with entertaining facilities

Parking is plentiful and easy to find. From the Kuhio Highway, follow Leho Drive where you can hear the waves lapping at the coastline. Make a right turn on Nehe Road and follow the parking lot signage to the play areas and the parks.

Kamalani Parks

To keep the kids happy, families can follow the descriptive signs directing you to the Kamalani playground areas. With the beach and the ocean as a backdrop, the Kamalani Park I and Park II are the perfect playtime area for the kids.

The Kamalani Park I features volcano style slides, varied swings, and a climbing maze structure for kids to traverse and play on. Just a few yards away is the Kamalani Park II.

This park contains a Western-style historic fort style structure with large slides, tall bridges, and other fun and challenging mazes and other types of structural games. Between both parks, all aged children will spend hours at these unique parks.


If you enjoy biking, you can rent a bike for a two plus mile exotic experience. As you are biking you are likely to be joined by dolphins or humpback whales who have made this utopian environment home. There are plans by the Hawaiian people to extend this pathway.

For campers, there are numbered camping sites that with a camping permit, provides families with modern camping amenities for an outdoor experience under the serene Hawaiian skies. The camping sites are set-up and designed alongside the biking paths.


Staying on Kauai Island and near the Lydgate Beach Park is further enhanced by the wonderful hotels like the Aloha Beach Hotel that is a stones throw from the beach. Other remarkable accommodations include the Marriott Resort, condos, Inns, and many other attractive beachfront resorts within walking distance of the ocean and the Lydgate Beach.