How exciting, It is vacation time and your family is trying to decide where to go. The world is such a beautiful place and it is hard to decide. Most people who have kids immediately decide to go to amusement parks or try to find a kid-friendly place. Hawaii is such a beautiful place to visit, but most people think it is more of a wedding or honeymoon destination. In reality, it is a great place for people of all ages. Kekaha beach is a beautiful beach that people visit year-round. There are so many things you can do no matter if you are alone, with a significant other or your family.

How do you get to Kekaha Beach

When going to the Kekaha beach from the United States you can get there by plane or boat. It is in Kauai County and approximately 7 miles from the Barking Sands airport. Therefore, The Kekaha beach is not far from the air and very accessible.

Kekaha beach is a place for everyone of all ages to go and have a wonderful vacation. Regardless of age old or young with all the activities and amenities you or your family will have a great time. So while you are trying to decide on where to go on the vacation Kekaha beach can be a great choice for you and your family to visit.

Activities at Kekaha Beach

When you think about activities to do at Kekaha Beach most people only think of swimming. Even though swimming is a popular activity of most. There is also surfing, fishing, paddling, and Bodyboarding. You can also take walks on the beach which is a beachgoers all-time favorite. With so many activities to do this is a great place for everyone.

Things to know about the Kekaha Beach Park

When you visit the park you will discover that the beach on the west side shore of Kauai is where it is located. The park is very popular locally for surfing and a fishing spot. The beauty of the 12 miles of the white sand beach makes it a great spot for relaxing and watching the sunset. The stretch of white sand beach is great for beachgoers of all ages play, surf or just go fishing.

This is a surfers paradise when the surf is high, especially at the break at the south end called Davidsons. As with any open ocean, swimmers should be very cautious when they have entered the water. Strong wind makes ocean conditions very dangerous for swimmers. When there are strong winds I would not recommend swimming.

Where to Stay

When at Kekaha beach there are several hotels on the beach you can stay at. Most of the hotels are waterfront resorts. The Koloa Landing Resort is the closest resort to Kekaha. The resorts give you a calm, relaxing experience. There are also other lodging options including camping. You can camp on Hawaii beaches. It is legal to camp on any Hawaii beach. They do require you to obtain a permit to camp on Hawaii beaches. Camping is an experience that some may find more of a family experience.

Why Kekaha Beach

When you are looking for a calm place to relax or even fun for your family Hawaii is both relaxing and fun. People love to visit Hawaii beaches because of its beauty. Kekaha beach, on the other hand, is not only beautiful because of the 12 miles of white sand beaches, but beachgoers can take nice long walks on the beach. When on Kekaha beach you can relax or enjoy one of the many family activities. Where else can you watch the sunset over the beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches? When it comes to family vacations Kekaha beach has so many activities for you or your partner but your family. You can camp with your family for family bonding. This is why everyone loves to visit Kekaha beach.

Amenities of Kekaha Beach

There are so many amenities on Kekaha beach. When it comes to amenities you can expect a picnic table, parking, restrooms, and most important lifeguards among many other amenities. Having a lifeguard is important when it comes to amenities. When camping or just on a daily excursion these amenities are very important to beachgoers.