The world is full of wonders and destinations to visit. It’s safe to say that deciding where to create amazing memories can be a challenge. There’s so much to consider when planning a getaway. Yummy food, awe inspiring scenery, and exciting activities all play a vital role in vacation fun.

From amenities that are sure to bring comfort to great outdoor fun, kahalu’u beach park is your go to vacation sport. The amazing park facilities, cozy cove, convenient location, and wealth of marine life make it one of the top beaches on the Big Island snorkeling beaches list.

Where is Kahalu’u Beach Park Located?

Kahaluu Beach Park is in, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The Kahalu’u Beach Park is a small secluded cove situated in the westside of Kailua-Kona. Easy access to the beach is one of the many things that makes the beach a big hit.

Main Features of Kahalu’u Beach Park

Kahaluu Beach Park’s white sand beach is a must see. An eye-catching fringing reef shields the whole bay. The protective reef and rock wall keep out high surf and strong currents out of the water. Kahalu’u Beach Park’s water is mostly neck deep; this allows for an abundant fish population. The deepest part of the water is approximately 10 feet deep. Almost all the shoreline is lava rock with small sand patches.

The beautiful beach has picnic tables, restrooms, two large pavilions and showers. Another feature is there is a lifeguard tower with an experienced lifeguard on duty from 9:30am to 4:45pm. Near the lifeguard is a small area of sandy beach that is used for basking in the sun and reclining.

Visitors can rent snorkel gear, experience great food trucks and drinks at the beach. Have valuable belongings with you? No problem. There are lockers for rent at certain food truck. Kid guests love playing in the tide pools along the beach. It can get slippery on the black lava rocks so fun with a side of balance is needed.

What to Do at Kahalu’u Beach Park?

Kahalu’u’s calm waters make it ideal for snorkeling. The beach is the greatest common destination on the island for snorkelers and divers which has earned it’s nickname as “snorkel beach.” Experienced and inexperienced snorkelers alike flock to Kahalu’u’s snorkeling spots.

After snorkeling you can enjoy the green sea turtles. The Honu’s (sea turtles in Hawaiian) favorite beach to swim and sunbathe is kahalu’u beach park. Sea turtles are protected in Hawaii; therefore, it is advised to keep your distance while viewing the amazing creatures. Additionally, to the sea turtles there are an abundance of marine life to enjoy. While amongst the coral reef you may see an octopus, eels, sea urchins, and over 100 gorgeous fish species.

Surfing is another popular activity at Kahalu’u. Ride the waves of the crystal-clear waters of the bay with the sun beautifully encompassing the scenery. The rocky north end of the bay is generally where surfers come in the water. Don’t know how to surf or have the proper equipment? No worries! Rentals and surf lessons are offered.

How is the Parking at Kahalu’u Beach Park?

Due to Kahalu’u being popular it is recommended to arrive early to the beach to ensure a good parking spot and a piece of the stunning white sand. The parking is open to the public and is free. You can enjoy the tropical fish and be worry free about the parking situation. Additional parking is available on Ali’i Drive if there is a wait for parking at the beach.

Hotel Accommodations in Kahalu’u Beach Park

Kona Oceanfront Home is 0.2 miles from Kahalu’u Beach Park. They have gorgeous ocean views and the experience of the beach is close to your grasp. The town’s popular beachfront road, Ali’i Drive, has vacation rentals and hotels available as well. You have the convenience of being within walking distance of Kahalu’u.

How to Get to Kahalu’u Beach Park

Driving time from Kona Airport to Kahalu’u Beach Park is approximately 20 minutes. The beach is on Ali’i Drive which is a few miles South of Kona right at the mile marker 5. The beach can be reach by the Kona Trolley, car, bike, or walking the memorable scenic Ali’i Drive.