Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Which Part of Hawaii is Hanalei Bay?

This beautiful spot of the south pacific is located on Kauai’s north shore. Kauai is one of the oldest of Hawaiian islands. This island had a population of about 65,689 as of 2008. Hanalei Bay is right along the coast of Kauai. This fun packed hot spot has so many fun and exhilarating experiences for travelers who are seeking the best Hawaii experience even in the winter months! Keep reading to find out more information that can help to kick start the time of your life!

How To Get There

Once you take the right plane, you can easily access Lihue Airport. Fly into Lihue Airport or Port Allen Airport and you should arrive in Hanalei with a 52-minute drive. Hanalei is along Kauai’s coast, so it is not hard to find!

Hotel, Resort, Nice Places to Stay

  • Hanalei Bay Resort – This is a beautiful resort that can help highlight Hawaii’s fun lifestyle! There are many local attractions, beaches, and family activities this resort can help to introduce.
  •  Hanalei Surfboard House – This resort is for a more relaxed surfer lifestyle that is close to the beach and rides with the heat. The place is located in a surf village.
  • Princeville Resort Kauai – This resort caters to the more luxurious trip seeker. Activities and fun are still around but this resort is most famous for its beautiful attributes.

Why Is This Place Worth Living?

Why exactly is Hanalei Bay worth visiting? Where do I start? There are many native adventures that are waiting to be experienced. This island paradise has may geographic perks that anyone can fall in love with. Hanalei Bay is the place to find green mountains, black pot beach, Hanalei River, the historic Hanalei Pier and so much more! These places have long been a favorite of locals and visitors. For those of you who want to take on an exciting hiking adventure, there are so many unique nature rich places that are bound to sweep you off of your feet. You can experience undeveloped rain forests, Waimea Canyon, Na Pali coast state parks, Kilauea Mountains and other Hawaain treasures.

Their beaches are ideal for lying on your back while watching the sunset. After that, you can stop by a beach park to enjoy a nice ice cream!

Parking is A Breeze

It is highly recommended that you stay on or near Hanalei town. Hanalei is a long beach so there are lots of places to park. It is also more easygoing on the weekdays because they aren’t as crowded. There is a lot of dirt, and parking along the sides of the roads. It is also common to view waves at the end of Weke Road. The parking spots are plentiful there.

Activities, tours, and Things to While There!

There are numerous amounts of fun activities that you can tie into your island experience! You can gaze for beautiful pictures at lane bridge or go to the mouth of the Hanalei for an ultimate stand up paddle or paddle boarding experience. Whether you just like swimming and playing or going for fast and daring kayak journeys, Hanalei Bay has it all. You can reach great heights on a lighthouse visit while drinking Hawaiian cocktails. If you want the most amazing and luxurious experience then you should visit the Princeville Resort Kauai. This is one of the Island’s most popular resorts because it has beautiful amenities and foods that will fulfill your paradise desires.

There are also beautiful gardens, and farmers markets around that can cater to your inter health streak. If you do not want to think as much about healthy choices, that is fine! Pick up some hot malasadas to feed your sweet tooth.

Surfing is also really popular in Hanalei Bay. Beaches like Hanalei Bay, Kee Beach Hanalei beach, and Lumahai are all really good places to surf the waves while baking in the sun. If you aren’t much of a surfer and you lack the skill and experience, then you can definitely find surfing classes available that can help you turn your traveling adventure into a life-impacting lesson!