When You Can Only Do One Island In Hawaii, Choose This One!

If you can only go to one island, which should you choose?

Choosing just one island out of eight major, and more assorted smaller ones, out of the Hawaiian chain, can be difficult. Most people automatically think of Maui, and Oahu, where you land in Honolulu. One of the best places to go is the big island of Hawaii.

Why choose the big island of Hawaii?

What is the main reason people visit Hawaii? Volcanoes. Yes the beaches are beautiful and the weather balmy, but you can’t see volcanos everywhere. It has Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which can take two days to explore. The other two main islands tend to be very populated and full of tourists. The big island is full of history, culture, shopping, hiking, snorkeling, waterfalls, volcanoes, and of course the big island beaches.

Where should you stay on the big island?

While the volcanoes are on the Eastside, the Westside is where you stay to enjoy the culture, history, beaches, and shopping. head to the Waikoloa area to find a resort. The Waikoloa beach Marriott resort is a great option. No need to leave if you want to do other activities. This place has paddleboards, catamaran sails, and even outrigger canoes. There are several pools, such as an infinity pool, a kiddy pool, and a tropical pool, complete with slide and mini waterfall. If you need a conference and meeting facility, they have that too. Enjoy a sunset luau and a cocktail while watching the sunset. There are many more amenities for you to choose from, just check them out.

What other options are there for staying at, in this resort area?

Check out the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa. They offer many different special packages to choose from, such as a golf package, family fun, and more. It is located right on the beach just as the Marriot was. There are three pools, an adults-only, one with a 175-foot slide, and yet another. All of them have beautiful waterfalls incorporated into them. Everyone needs to do a “dolphin quest”, which is available here. Make memories with your spouse and or family, as you swim, with and feed the dolphins. There are water activities, golf, restaurants, and shopping to take advantage of. Don’t forget their great luau where you learn all about the local history.

How do you get to these resorts?

Exit off of Highway 19, onto Waikoloa beach drive, which is beautifully lined with palm trees. Even if you are not headed to one of the resorts, there is a public parking lot, for visitors to take advantage of swimming snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddle boarding, at the sandy beach. All of the resort mentioned and more are located right off this road.

What is there to do at Waikoloa beach?

Why not try to do what the locals do. Visit the Waikoloa canoe club, to learn outrigger canoeing just like a traditional Hawaiian. Maybe you can even join in a competition. See a unique phenomenon of the historic royal fishponds. The are ponds that contain freshwater rainfall-runoff, and saltwater that comes in from underneath. The tides affect the water levels. The ponds contain unique fish and etc.. that can survive. The ponds were originally farmed by ancient Hawaiian farmers. If shopping is your thing, head over to the kings shops, where you will find all of your favorites, such as Michael Kors, Tommy Bahama, Sunglass Hut, and so much more. You can also fill up your tummy too!

Some interesting facts about the big island of Hawaii.

While it is a little drive from Waikohola, you shouls take a drive down the South east end of the island to see something extremely unique, a green sand beach. there only four known in the world, Guam, Norway, Galapagos Island, and there on the big Island. The green sand pebbles are actually olivine crystals that wash out of an ancient volcano cinder cone, so this is a must see while staying there. Up in the middle North of the island is one of the highest lakes in the world, and the only glacial one in the Pacific. It is extremely unique as it formed in a cinder hole. At one point it almost totally disappeared, bu then refilled itself. It is a scientific mystery as for its existence. There are so many things to see and do on the big island. Make a list, and be sure to see these unique things as well as the usuals!