Papohaku Beach

Papohaku Beach

There are few more important decisions when it comes to vacation than selecting the right destination. Hawaii has long been considered one of the most popular of these for travelers around the world. The fantastic and beautiful beaches that call this state home are a big part of what attracts people to come here. One of the most stunning of these happens to be Papohaku Beach.

You can find Papohaku Beach Park on Molokai. This is the largest beach, in fact, in the area. The sights and sounds here alone makes it easy to see why this is a fun and exciting vacation spot. According to, there were 10.2M visitor arrivals to the islands in the first quarter of 2019. Included in these visitors are vacationers who want to explore and embrace as many beach scenes as possible.

Finding the Beach

Your list of specifics may include things like shore break details or a swimming beach. Papohaku Beach is situated on the Island of Molokai, which is approximately 40 minutes west of Kaunakakai Town. If your explorations lead you to the summit of Puu o Kaika, you’ll see one of the most spacious and thrilling sandy beaches. Hawaii Magazine describes this setting as miles upon miles of inviting scenery.

Commonly associated with Palaau State Park, this is a location that many will discover while participating in hiking and other excursions. Some enthusiasts choose to drive to this beach location from their hotels and resorts. Depending on what portion of the island you’re on, you may want to simply walk or bike to the beach.

Discovering the Uniqueness

Attractions, such as Diamond Head are a part of what defines the islands of Hawaii. These include historic landmarks and popular scenes that make islands like Molokai unique. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the west side of Papohaku Beach or in another area. Secluded beach settings absolutely make the area stand out from others in Hawaii.

You may even discover a beach where your footprints are the only ones around. These are family-friendly locations to relax and explore. You will be able to embrace the culture of the island in unique ways as well. Hale Kealoha is a short distance from the beach and offers you live music. The Hotel Molokai has this entertainment available every single night.

Exploring Island Activities

Like all of the Hawaiian islands, there is a lot to do and see for visitors of Molokai. A nature lover may become intrigued with a kiawe tree. You may simply decide to spend your days exploring the opportunities on the beach itself. There are many different things that you can do to immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Papohaku Beach.

It is possible to see a sand mining operation that makes this destination interesting. This is an area that offers a place that is miles long and 100 yards wide. Kayak tours are some of the most popular activities that vacationers participate in. These provide you with a diverse way to see the island. Hiking the forest reserve or traveling along Halawa Valley are great adventures as well.

Booking Your Accommodations

If you travel west down Kalua Koi Road, you will find a variety of vacation properties to choose from. Some of these are off-the-beaten-path style accommodations for those who want a bit more of nature. Visitors are interested in more luxurious options that are estate-like offerings. Booking accommodations generally depends on the size of your party.

The internet is a great resource to find exactly what you want in this portion of Hawaii. It is possible to reserve rental properties with room for the entire properties. Couples and families can book diverse studios, condos, and rooms near the beach. There are budget-friendly locations throughout Molokai to choose from on your vacation.

Getting to the Island

Those touring specific parts of this area will travel here on bikes, while others may find riding mules a better option. If you are in search of the longest white sand beaches, you’ve found the right destination. recommends that vacationers explore this island, once deemed a leprosy settlement. The panoramic views from trails here showcase 1.7+K steep drops along twisting paths.

If you are driving to Papohaku Beach, you will take Highway 460 West. There are parking options available for travelers. You might be interested in camping during part of your vacation. This does require a permit from the Department of Parks, Land, and Natural Resources in Kaunakakai. It is recommended that campers acquire this permit before they travel to the island.

Travel and Leisure, reports that on a clear day from Molokai it is possible to see the Island of Oahu across the channel. Thrilling views and rich culture are two of the closest connections between these islands. Papohaku Beach presents vacationers with fewer other tourists and more privacy. This is a great destination to choose for romantic trips and extremely relaxing vacations.