If you have ever dreamed of being whisked away to a deserted island, Paiko Beach at Oahu would be the island imagined. It is unfeignedly a tropical paradise. This beach is carpeted in greenery, with a strip of sand sloping gently into the sea. This location is open to locals and visitors seeking the benefits of nature.

Where is Paiko Beach?

Visiting this shallow coral reef is good at any time of the year with mild-mannered temperatures surrounding the island. This lovely landscape was named after Joseph Paiko, who originally came over from a small island off the coast of Portugal, called Pico. His name transformed from the Portuguese Pico, into the Hawaiian, Paiko.

Activities/Tours/Things to do

The east end of the beach is a pleasant spot where folks enjoying the outdoors or picnicking along the beach can settle down and take in the view. The water calm and visitors can easily wade out into the shallow water. Visitors enjoy sitting and watching the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, the area has no shower facilities. Still, the east side of the beach is a great land space without the crowds.

The scenery is cascaded by the hills beyond the beach and increase the beauty of the view along this sandy stretch of beach. The Hawaiian stilt is among the many birds calling Koko Head home. Taking in the gorgeous view of the water and enjoying the abundance of wildlife is a great reason to visit this amazing piece of waterfront property.

Where to Stay

Paiko Beach has Villas, cabins, condos, and homes ready for visitors to occupy. Also, there are several hotels in a variety of price ranges so visitors can enjoy the amenities of the area.

Why Visit Paiko Beach?:

The area is gorgeous, but, like a rose, it has its thorns. Therefore, do not ignore signs because this narrow strip of sand is almost totally underwater at high tide. With the frontage edge of the reef so close, swimming in this area is not wise. Nevertheless, it is great for kayaking, and spending days planning fun activities.

The area is undeveloped and offers a great chance for bird watching since it is a wildlife sanctuary. Sorry, no fishing in the lagoon. After all, the lagoon is a sheltered environment that sits at the end of the undeveloped Paiko Peninsula.

Out of the many places in the world one might travel, it is clear Hawaii is one of the most beautiful. Paiko Beach is one area that allows locals and visitors to interact. Visitors get a real feel for the community as opposed to tourist resorts. This strip of beach lends to visitors and local residents the best of Hawaiian beaches to the community with a calm beauty.

Sitting along the south shore of Oahu, this corral reef provides surfers with access to the Paiko waves. Those wishing to fish or Kayak for the day have a luscious environment in which to relieve the stress of work or travel. This spot is a small park with water levels so low it is easy to play in the water with kids.

-Fronted by a knee-deep coral reef, (swimming is not recommended)

-The land is covered by water at evening tide

-Good surfing along the outer boundary of the reef

-Wildlife refuge

This region is a protected part of Hawaii and encloses the Saltwater Paiko Lagoon. Also, this area is a wildlife refuge designated by The State Department of Land and Natural Resources (1974). The surf spots of Paiko are legendary and reached easily from the outer edge of the Paiko beach. This narrow stretch of beach is an oasis for locals and visitors.

How to Get to Paiko Beach

This park is easy to find when traveling from west/Honolulu on H1 East. The roadway eventually becomes Hwy/H1-72. Now, make a right on Bay Street and continue until you see the park on the left. It is on the outer perimeter of the neighborhood.

The route from the windward side leads to Hwy/HI-72 toward Honolulu. This roadway sends travels turning left on Bay Street and proceeding to the far end of the neighborhood. The park is dubbed Sand point by those living in the areas and a favorite place to visit. Paiko beach is a special spot tucked away in Oahu ready to share its beauty with all.


Those frequenting the park find spaces along the drive area to park. There is no official parking. The length of the beach is not huge but pleasant and sits behind homes in the vicinity.

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