Where can you take a unique quiet vacation in Hawaii?

Why not visit Kauai, where it is much less commercially developed than the other islands in the chain. Experience life like a traditional Hawaiian native. If you are a beginner surfer, take surf lessons. Perhaps you can go swimming and snorkeling on an offshore reef.

Where should you stay in Kauai?

Check out the Sheraton Kauai resort, which is located off of Hoonani road, or Poipu beach road, as it is called both names. It is conveniently located on the Kiahuna Beach, for you to have stunning views of the ocean all day long. It is just steps away from boogie boarding. With meeting room facilities, a fantastic restaurant for spectacular sunset views, swimming, and more, it is a preferred location. Kiahuna is a popular beach and is located on the South shore of Kauai.

What other locations are available to stay at?

The kiahuna plantation is a beautiful place, just up the road from the Sheraton. It once was Hawaii’s first sugar plantation and was a major social hub, with beautiful gardens created by Mrs. Moir. The moved in 1968 and the resort was created. he Moir gardens are open for free, and can be reached via a small public parking lot nearby at the resort. While this resort is not on the beach, the renowned orchid garden fronts the kiahuna plantation which gives you a beautiful view. This is more of a condo rental place then a hotel, so you will =have to check into it further to see if this is what you need.

What else can you do on your vacation?

Head on over to Poipu beach park, to hang out on the Poipu beach fronts. You don’t have to join a beach club, just hop on in the water and enjoy yourself. There is another beach called, “Baby Beach”, so called because it is a shallow ater area protected from the waves with rocks. It is perfect for little ones, and you may see some fantastic sea life.

Want to see some great waterfalls?

There are many scattered around the “Graden Island” It is called this because of its lush vegetation and rainforest appeal. Here is a list of some to choose from. Some are easy while others are not. You choose. The easiest for adults and children is, Wailua Falls. It was very famous after being used in the show, “Fantasy Island” back in the 80’s. It is a short drive, and a short easy trek to view. An extremely adventurous one, is Secret Falls. This is because you have to use water transportation on the Wailua River, to get to the trailhead. This hike can be muddy slippery, and takes about 45 minutes, but it is well worth it. The kids can do it too. Opaekaa Falls is another easy view, as it is a short trek from where you parked, with a beautiful view. Some of the others require a lot more strenuous hiking and are better let for the truly adventurous.

Are you a hiker?

Kauai is known for being a hiking destination. You will know you are in paradise while on one of their trails. While experts can venture out on their own, it is always a good idea you use a hiking company. You don’t want to end up lost for hours. There are many different hikes you can take according to what you want to see. There are two hikes, and then there are 10-hour hikes. Now you can see why if you only wanted a short hike but ended up on a 10 hour one, how it could turn out bad for you. You can choose the waterfall hike, sleeping giant hike, Waimea Canyon, swamp hikes, and more.

Want to relax, or do everything?

Sure you can lay back in a hammock and sip Mai Tais, but there are other adventures besides hiking, swimming, and finding waterfalls. Why not zipline through the rainforest, This is exhilarating. Another fun thing to do is go horseback riding to a remote waterfall. You will feel like an explorer on an expedition. Some people like to be able to see a lot without having to drive far. How do you do this? By scheduling a helicopter or small airplane tour. No need to hike to the waterfalls, when you can fly by them. See all the shorelines, and the infamous Wamai Canyon as well. Whatever you choose, just have fun!