Are you sitting around in the office daydreaming about your next vacation? Whether you are riding solo, with a special someone, or your whole family you long for a vacation where you can kick back and relax on the sand, watching emerald to turquoise-colored waters beckoning you to come in and swim. Like a scene from a movie, you picture yourself wearing a pirate outfit with a bottle of rum in hand. Okay, maybe not like that, maybe just in a swimsuit with a cold refreshing drink. Well, I got the place for you. Kalama Beach Park. Today, we’ll talk about where it is, how to get there, and why you should consider visiting it for your next vacation.

The What

Aside from enjoying the beach park for its views and for lounging, you can also enjoy water sport activities such as body surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing. Just to let you know, there are no lifeguards, so be careful as its surf is known to be shore-break prone. If you prefer a less active but equally fun activity, swim to your heart’s content or take a walk on its vast shoreline with low-growing shrubs and trees that provide wind-break and shade. Do you want to just picnic the day away at the beach? You can do that here too. Just an FYI, there aren’t any food establishments on the beach or nearby within a 5 to 10-minute walking distance. So if you are looking to picnic, you will need to grab food before arriving by heading over to the town’s center to find various food options.


Since Kalama is bordered by a single-family neighborhood there aren’t any big-name chain hotels in the vicinity. That doesn’t go to say that there isn’t any place for you to stay. There are a number of vacation rentals, small boutique stays, and bed and breakfast accommodations available near Kalama.

The Why

With all the fabulous and picturesque beaches in Hawaii, you are probably wondering what makes Kalama so special. Though it is growing in popularity and perhaps no longer considered a hidden gem, you can still experience the serene waters without being bombarded by a barrage of beachgoers fighting over a tiny spot on its beach. Here you will enjoy its pristine clear waters and powdery white sand without the added foot traffic. As briefly mentioned, Kalama boasts impeccable views, no matter what direction you’re looking towards. It also has plenty of shaded areas to enjoy a picnic or a bit of rest before continuing on your walk or run around the area. It is also pet-friendly. The beach park of Kalama also offers amenities such as a community center with picnic benches, showers, and restrooms. Without being overly crowded, you can enjoy a perfect day here reading a book, eating breakfast or lunch, sitting on the sand, swimming, or exercising.


Kalama does have a designated parking lot, but it is limited. So limited, in fact, that getting a coveted space in the designated lot almost feels like winning the lottery. You will also find large queues of vehicles waiting for a spot to open. So if you get to snag a spot, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, don’t worry if you didn’t get one, you can park off the street, but pay close attention to signs (and please don’t block mailboxes or driveways).

The Where

The beach park of Kalama is located in Kailua (off Kailua Bay)District 4-Windward, a town in Oahu island, Hawaii. Its long stretch of sandy beach includes Kalama and Kailua Beach Park (which Kalama is part of) with outstanding mountain views, totaling an area of 4-acres or 4 kilometers of coastline (2.5 miles). If you prefer an address rather than typing it in as a point of interest, its official address is located at 248 N Kalaheo Ave, Kailua, Oahu, HI 96734-2318.


If you are arriving from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu International HNL) and are renting a vehicle, it is about a 30-minute drive to Kalama. You can take Highways I-H-3 E, HI-63, or HI-61 to get there. Otherwise, if you prefer mass transit and you have some time on your hands, you can the City and County of Honolulu’sTheBus transit. It may take over an hour and a half (or more) to get to Kalama but this is the most cost-effective way to get there. TheBus offers day passes starting at $5.50.