Picking the perfect vacation destination proves challenging when you think about all the different places you could visit. You want the most memorable and magical experience possible, with the best scenery, attractions, and activities to keep you and your family entertained. If you’re looking for a tropical destination full of adventure, consider visiting Kaihalulu Bay.

Where is Kaihalulu Bay?

Kaihalulu Bay, Kaihalulu meaning raging waters in Hawaiian language, lies on the Northwest side of Ka’uiki Head just South of Hana Bay, on the East coast side of Maui Island. It’s one of the very few red sand beaches in the world, and was once one of Maui’s best kept secrets.

Why is Kaihalulu Bay Popular?

Kaihalulu Bay originally became popular due to the mystery that surrounded it. Formerly one of the best kept secrets Hana Maui, many travellers came to the area just to search for the trail to the beach. As word got out of the beaches awe-inspiring beauty, travellers flooded the local community hoping to sun bathe on the lavish red and black sand beach in privacy, all while sipping on their favorite drinks. Due to its highly secluded location, many people believe that this beach is a clothing optional one, so dont be surprised if you see some adventurous travellers in the nude.

Unlike your ordinary beach, Kaihalulu Bay sits at the bottom of a volcanic cinder cone that separates the beach from the town, and boasts crunchy red lava rocks from one end of the beach to the other. The volcanic cinders, along with the lava rock, gives the sandy beach its red and black hue that glistens against the blue ocean waves. Additionally, this sanctuary’s protected by a black lava rock sea wall at acts as a barrier to keep you safe while swimming or snorkeling in the cool water.

What to do in Kaihalulu Bay?

One of the main reasons why people visit Kaihalulu Bay is to take in the beautiful scenery of the beach and relax on the red hued sand. You’ll feel care-free and at ease as you swim in the soothing sea water or get a first hand look at the different types of ocean life as your snorkeling with your loved ones.

Along the way to Kaihalulu Bay, you get to enjoy the benefits of hiking through the trails to the beach itself, and taking in the beauty that the surrounding nature offers. Before getting to the beach, you can visit the ancient cemetery with large grave markers slipping away with the eroding earth. Additionally, you can also spend a lot of time observing the many forms of wildlife such as the Iwa and Koae Kea. The Iwa and Koae Kea are two of the largest and most exquisite birds in Hana, often seen hovering over the sand covered beach looking for food.

Parking in Kaihalulu Bay?

Since Kaihalulu Bay’s secluded from the rest of the town and not accessible by vehicle, so it doesn’t have parking available for you when you visit. However, you can park your vehicle on the side of the road, just past the Travasa Hotel parking lot. The hotel is across from the community center right before the trail that leads you to the secluded sand beach.


If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay without having to travel far to get to the red-black sand beach, then look no further than the Travasa Hotel. Its located just outside the trail to the red sand beach and offers many fine amenities for its guest. Its one of the most affordable hotels in the area and situated within walking distance of many of the areas best restaurants. It’s highly recommended by hundreds of travellers to Hana.

How to Get to Kaihalulu Bay

The trip to Kaihalulu Beach takes you on a unique journey unlike any other, making it an even more alluring destination for you and your family. In fact, to get to the beach, you must walk part of the way as it’s not accessible by standard transportation. That’s why its imperative to wear a decent pair of hiking shoes before you head out the door.

To get to the red-black sand beach, you must take the road to hana and turn on Uakea Road, just past the turn off to Hana, Maui. Once you’re on this road, continue straight until you reach the tennis courts on your right, and a community center on your left. There’s a hotel just past the community center, and a set of trails located between the two buildings. At this point, you’ll need to find a place to park and continue your journey on foot.

As you approach the trails, you’ll see a sign directing you towards the Japanese Cemetery on the right hand side. Follow this path until it comes to a sharp corner that reveals the breath-taking sandy beach just below. Keep in mind that the trails have steep slopes and get fairly slippery due to fallen pine needles and crumbly cinders. You’ll need to have a firm grasp on the ironwood trees lining the path to prevent falls or injuries.