Hamoa Beach

Hamoa Beach

Where Is Hamoa Beach Located

The beautiful sounds of the ocean tide breaking on the shore. Seagulls gawking around overhead as they fly fluently around the ocean top. The warm sand in between your toes. These are just some of the pleasures you can experience at Hamoa Beach. Maui is the home of Hamoa Beach, which is just one of the lovely must-see destinations on the entire island.

Why Hamoa Beach Is Worth Visiting

Hamoa Beach is quite a beautiful beach. The crescent shape has it being a great place to kick back and relax. Bring some shade though, that sun could be brutal. This beach isn’t protected by any reefs, so the waves swell overhead. Unless you are body surfing, you probably don’t want to go for a swim. The sand on the beach is what is found in Mr. Sandman’s pouch. This is wonderful because it means you won’t be stepping on sharp coral or volcanic rock. Being able to run and play in the sand is a dream for adults and children alike. Known to have very big waves, Hamoa Beach is very well liked by locals.

Located near Hamoa Beach is Ka Iwi O Pele. This means “the bones of Pele.” Ancient Hawaiian legends say this is the place where the fire Goddess Pele fought her older sister, Namakaokaha’i. This is a volcanic cinder cone. This location is the memorial to Pele’s defeat and can be found just under 2 miles south of Hana town.

Just offshore of this beautiful volcanic cove there is an island called Alau, meaning “many rocks”. Some people take canoes out to Alau, it is definitely one of the hidden treasures of this location in Maui.

Things To Do

Hamoa Beach has been surfed by people since Ancient Hawaiian times. The beach is a very popular surf spot. Locals, as well as tourists, enjoy their time spent here. You can go snorkeling around the left side of the cove. Although, be very cautious. These currents are very powerful. The beach is exposed to open ocean, giving Mother Nature the advantage.

On the road to Hana, you will be blessed with blissfulness and beauty. There is not a site like it. Hana is one of the most welcoming places in Maui. Haneo’o road is the main road of the beach. This road would be the exit you would want to take off of Hana Highway to arrive at your destination. The beauty is wonderful and so spectacular, there isn’t anything like it.

The beach is a thousand feet long and one hundred feet wide. Being surrounded by cliffs brings in much vegetation which supplies plenty of shade, although it’s good to bring your own shade. The beach also offers showers and bathrooms on site for the public to use. This wonderful family-friendly beach is a great place to bring the children or spend some time with your spouse. The clear waters make it even more extravagant.

This beach is welcoming to all and brings many great joys. Being able to snorkel and scuba dive allows you to explore life under the sea. The marine life is spectacular. You want to obey all warning signs. During the winter the swell can get extremely high causing it to be very dangerous. There are no lifeguards on duty, so unless you are an experienced swimmer or surfer, do not take the risk of testing Poseidon. He is unruly and will not take pity on the fool who tests him.

Mokae Cove is a beach located south of Hamoa Beach. If the day is right and your lungs are strong, you can swim there. Usually, you will be the only one there. It is such a hidden treasure.


The parking for this beach is street side parking. So just pull over on the shoulder of 49 and start walking to the beautiful destination. Hamoa Beach is surrounded by cliffs making it a beautiful get-away.

Places To Stay At

One of the best hotels near Hamoa Beach is Travaasa Hana, which used to be called Hotel Hana. This is a wonderful spot for vacationing. If you are a sucker for sunrises this is the hotel you want to be in. It’s one of the first resorts on Maui.

How To Get There

Hamoa Beach is just off of mile marker 49 of the Hana Highway.