Where It’s Located: Which Island and Which Part Of The Island

Halona Beach Cove is found on the island of Oahu Island off of the southeastern shoreline. A little history about the island is that Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr filmed the movie From Here To Eternity in 1953 on this island. So if you want to see the island’s growth definitely pick that movie up. Due to the popularity of the movie the island gained excessive exposure, thus gaining the nickname Eternity Beach. Later on, in the years, Oahu Island made a grand re-entrance on the big screen in 50 First Dates.

On the right side of the blowhole overlook you will locate this beautiful island that is a love scene in the making. The perfect shore is at the Halona blowhole. This sandy beach shore will have you falling in love and never wanting to leave this destination.

How To Get There

As a visitor to the island it depends on where you are coming from to this destination to determine the total timeframe. However, if you are coming into the island from the United States of America, you would fly into Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Once you arrive at the airport there is a 27-minute drive that totals 18.5 miles. You are able to catch a local taxi to the location or go directly to your selected hotel room with the reservations that you have acquired.


The parking is free at Halona’s shore, so no need to worry about having to bring extra cash with you. Visitors are to just come out and enjoy the island and all its beauty. There is plenty of room for parking on the Island as they understand that visitors will come and go. You are also able to park for free and sign up and pay for a tour of many different locations on the island. This includes but is not limited to the hiking trails, The Bay Nature Preserve and other natural wonders of the island.

Activities/Tours/Things To Do While There

To the west of the island visitors to the island can enjoy hikes on the rocks overlooking the water. Once into the cove, the hikers can enjoy the waters. Just make sure that the surf is not up and that the waters are not too rough.

While visiting the island there are several trails for hikers to enjoy. Trails such as the Koko Crater Railway Trail. This trail will run visitor rates starting around $40 to have a tour guide. Sandy Park Beach is also another pleasant feature of the island. The white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a main attraction to the island but especially this beach. This is a calm water location on the island. Visitors are able to enjoy the ocean during the day and possibly see newly hatched sea turtles waddling to the ocean by following the moons bright beams of light.

The Hanauma Bay lava tube is an exciting part of the island as well. Lava tubes form when lava is hot and flowing to the ocean. Over time as the lava begins to cool because of the water, a tube is formed. The island does not recommend attempting to look into the tube as the conditions are always unstable and unsafe. However, you can see the lava tube from the overlook. If you ever get the opportunity to see the tube as it is freshly made, you will be able to see the red glow as it makes its way to the ocean.

Hotels/Places To Stay

In keeping up with the changing times there are many local AirBnB’s in the area.

However, if you want to stay in a true hotel or resort-type environment there is the Kahala Hotel & Resort. This hotel is 5.2 miles from the beach. The next most popular hotel is the Aston Waikiki Sunset Hotel & Resort. This particular hotel is a little further away at 8 miles but it is a beautiful location to enjoy and partake in relaxing and being catered to on the island. There are many other locations to stay. Be sure to research each location thoroughly before making a decision and ensure that the location handles and meets all of your requirements.

Main Features/Why It’s Worth Visiting

The island has a small beach cove that is a wonderful spot to go for a swim when calm waters are in the area. Recommendations are to not go too far our in the water when the surf is rough. This can be very dangerous. So no swimming when the surf is up. No lifeguards are permanently located on this island so when the surf is up we recommend to just admire the waters from the shore.

To the west of the cove is Bamboo Ridge. This is a very rocky area and popular fishing post since 1920. History tells that this area got its name because the fishermen used to bury their fishing poles in the rocks to keep them still to bait in the fish.