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Tips & Insights from the Vacation Rental Cleaner:

Vacation Rental Cleaner

Cleaning – What is expected of guests? In my five years as a vacation rental cleaner in Kailua, one of my favorite aspects of the job was when I had the opportunity to welcome and then see off the guests. It was exciting meeting people from so many different places and varied backgrounds, and I… Read more »

Traveling On A Budget to Oahu?

Waikiki Gateway Hotel

Here You Can Sleep for under $100! When visiting Oahu, Kailua, travelers can stay in nice hostels and small hotels to meet people from all over the world coming together in a very special place of Hawaii. Hostels, however small or affordable they may be, are still a gathering place for travelers, explorers and adventurers…. Read more »

5 Unique Features of Winters in Kailua


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Aloha and Happy New Year from Kailua! Wishing all the best for you and yours this 2015. Sometimes people on the “mainland” (as we call the continental USA) or other non-tropical places, who have never been to Kailua, Hawaii before, wonder what winter is like in Kailua. They think it must be strange and foreign… Read more »

Best Kailua Restaurants – The Insider Kailua Restaurant Guide

kailua restaurants food delights

Kailua is very popular tourist destination.  There are so many restaurants that are recommended in tourist guides, online, and from travelers who have been there before.  However there is also a world of culinary delights that is completely unknown to the mass majority of the people who are visiting the island.  Here are some of… Read more »

10 Fun Filled Activities For Kids in Kailua

Kids in Kailua

Kailua is famous for its fun-filled activities for both parents and children of any age group. Kailua is situated on the island of Hawaii at North Kona District. Kailua, being the centre of commerce, is the best place for tourist industry. The annual festivals like Ironman World Championship triathlon and Kona Coffee Festival are the… Read more »